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The JMS is an independent risk management organisation that works to improve customers’ quality, safety, environmental and business performance throughout the world.

We endeavour for a leading position as a widely recognised global management systems certification body. We provide the most highly regarded and widely accepted management system certification in the global marketplace. Because of this recognition, we are committed to providing assessment services of the highest standard so that our certificates are valued by our customers.



What does JMS do?

JMS assesses companies’ management systems against a number of international and national standards, and issues certification when the standards are met.  We also go further than assessing and certifying, and help customers use their management systems to improve their businesses.

We offer certification against many standards and schemes. Some are widely recognised others are specific to certain sectors or customers.SO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, OHSAS18001 (ISO45001) Food Safety, HACCP etc.  

In addition, we provide a range of training services that are delivered by our specialist trainers. Our courses have been developed to help organisations develop, implement, audit and improve their management systems.

What is JMS’s history?

JMS’s management system assessment and certification services are delivered by our competent staff , which was established in May 2019. We also cover a wide range of industrial, commercial and public sectors, working with both very large and much smaller customers.  

What does JMS know about our sector?

JMS has very wide ranging experience and guarantees to have staff that understand your sector. Members of the assessment team will have worked in your sector and will understand specific issues, regulations etc affecting you.

What about auditor qualifications?      

All of our auditors are experts in management systems (quality, environment, and/or safety), and also will be an expert in their original profession.  For example: mechanical engineer, biochemist, food scientist, professional services etc.

Our auditors receive ongoing training throughout their career with us.

Our global qualification procedures ensure that there is consistency across our Auditors, regardless of where assessments are being carried out.

Where is JMS based?

The head office of JMS is in Brighton Road South Croydon Greater London CR2 6AJ Uk ,but we are a global organisation. In fact, JMS will be extended in many countries in the coming year.

What is JMS’s assessment style?

We pride ourselves on being practical, fair and thorough. We will help all customers to make the most of the systems they have implemented.

Why can we rely on JMS?

JMS will earn the trust of it’s customers and its peers because of our integrity, independence, impartiality and especially because of our high level of technical competence. We protect our independence as it allows us to give customers a balanced evaluation of their management system and activities. We can’t be influenced and won’t be compromised. Our feedback is valued by our clients.

Because of the experience of our staff and their ongoing training, we can provide assessment services of the highest standard. We can also delivery these wherever required due to our global resource.

We understand what it feels like to go through assessments and certification. Most of us have first hand experience of this ourselves.  We will try to make sure that the assessment process goes as smoothly as possible and will support your people through it. 

If you’re looking for a bit more than just a certificate, we can help you.

Also, you may not be aware that JMS has the modern-day principles of quality assurance.



What’s different about JMS from other certification bodies?

  • Our people: JMS invests heavily in its staff.  From recruiting the best people to providing ongoing professional training and development for everyone. We have a global assessment resource so that we can provide assessments in local language but which are consistently delivered.
  • Our philosophy:  many certification bodies claim to be the world’s leading, largest and best certification body and we are probably no different. We are the certification body against which all the others are measured.  
  • Our services:  as well as assessing against the relevant standard, our Auditors will look closely at opportunities for continual improvement in your business processes. We have a refreshing approach to management system auditing. Whilst we have to make sure your system meets the requirements of the relevant assessment standard, we want you to enjoy the process and get the most from it. Our Auditors are approachable and are there to help you.
  • Our commitment: working with us is part of your investment in the future of your management system. We’re in it for the long haul and will take time to understand your business so that each assessment visit is tailored to suit your company.

How much does it cost?

You pay a fee based on the number of days it will take for an assessment to be carried out. Our fee structure is straightforward.

We will give you a contract that outlines how many days per visit will be required each year and will also confirm our day rates to you.

The fees cover the assessment and certification process and the contract outlines the ongoing visit requirement for maintaining the certification. The fee also covers the certificate and use of JMS approval logos. Each accreditation body also allows our customers to use their accreditation logos. There are guidelines available which we will provide on how these can be used and any additional costs.

Our fees reflect the high standard of Auditors and staff who will work with you. We are committed to quality in every respect. Our staff can help you get the most out of the investment you will be making in JMS assessment and certification.

What’s the process for arranging assessments and getting certification?

There are various ways that we can tailor our services to suit you. We are committed to ensuring that the route you choose will give you maximum benefit.

We can explore various options with you to make sure that our service meets your needs. It’s worth spending some time with an JMS account manager who can review with you how best to set up contracts and manage your certification programmes. And we recommend an annual review (or more frequent if you wish) so that we can check that our service is still working for you.