Why Choose Us

The reason behind the selection of our service contact and the products we can provide

Our team is committed to provide a professional audit which confirms that your management system is effectively running and can deliver its required output.

We have qualified and well trained auditor and all of our auditors has gone through the vigorous training to ensure that their audit is continuously adding value to our clients.

Our service is considerably cheaper compared to the added value and the pace of certificate delivery process.

Our aim to deliver all gaps, grading of finding, and final decision of judgement at the last day of your certification audit.

We have good coverage of areas across the globe in different standards.



What does JMS guarantee for customers?


Competence: we believe that the expertise and experience we have built up for auditing organisations of all sectors and sizes (and in many countries), has given us a unique insight and perspective on how to help our customers get the most from their management systems.         

We act with integrity: it is second nature for us to respect customer confidentiality.

Support: we have various ways of helping you, from advice available from your highly competent assessment team, to access to our technical staff who can answer any queries you may have.  You don’t have to wait until JMS is on site with you: we’re always available to take your queries and help you find the best way forward.  We will allocate you a personal account manager who will discuss with you things of importance to your organisation, and your aims and ambitions.  Your account manager will support you during the assessment and certification process and will give you ongoing support afterwards.

Interest in your company: we will take time to understand your business and can work with you to move that business forward. We can help your company get the management system ready for assessments and then also to get the most out of it, by delivering a wide range of training courses and pre-assessment services.

Loyalty: we will be straight with you. Our advice will be based on understanding your requirements and will be our objective and independent view on what we think would suit you.

Continuity:  you will work directly with JMS and will know who your contacts are.  The Auditor who comes into your company works exclusively for JMS. We do not form alliances with other certification bodies or certification networks. We don’t need to. We have a huge and experienced resource available in–house.

Consistency:  wherever in the world we carry out an assessment the service will be consistent. Our management system is global and ensures that all assessments are of a consistently high quality.